In a word – “no”. But that’s not the whole story. Let’s start with an analogy. One of the most common things we do is convert old word processing files to modern Word or RTF format. So we take a file you might have saved using Wordstar which now looks like a garbled mess if you were to open it up as-is, and convert it so it looks just like new using your modern word processor. You’ll notice that we didn’t do anything to, or with, Wordstar itself – that old program stays where it is. We don’t make it so you can run Wordstar. We make it so you can view the files Wordsar created. That’s the key difference. We don’t make it so you can run old software on new computers – that’s not what we mean by “conversion”. We make it so you can use old files those programs had created, but on your new computer. See our Formats page for more details.

Will an old PC program run on my current Mac or PC?