No information will be transmitted to any third party of any kind if you select a payment method other than PayPal and opt for a USB stick or CD to be returned to you rather than downloading results.

Other information is shared based on options you choose:

RetroFloppy will not share any personally identifiable information with any third party with the exception of your email address to PayPal, Inc. for billing purposes.

RetroFloppy will not share any files or media with any third party with the exception of file downloads in excess of 1GB, which will be hosted by Dropbox in the United States. All other hosting of your file results occurs on a RetroFloppy-owned server, hosted by GoDaddy, Inc. in the United States. Files will be deleted from any hosting server immediately upon confirmation of receipt, or within a two month period if no confirmation is received. RetroFloppy will retain an offline copy of your results for the period of one year unless you direct us to destroy them immediately.

At your option, downloadable file results can be password protected using Info-ZIP’s compression capabilities, making it more difficult for a third party to read the contents of your results if they were to intercept them during transmission.