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RetroFloppy - Gets You From Then to Now.

RetroFloppy brings your floppy disk, jaz/zip drive, laptop, magneto-optical, and hard disk data into the 21st century. We transfer files from virtually any floppy disk or hard drive and convert your files to formats you can understand today. Recover your data before it's too late!

I'm Ready - What's Next?

Hard Drives:

Floppy Disks:

Specialty Disks:

  • Old Laptops
  • Iomega Jaz
  • Iomega Rev
  • SyQuest
  • Bernoulli 44, 88, 200
  • Ask for more!
  • Windows, DOS, PC
  • Macintosh and Apple II
  • Iomega Zip 100, 250, 750
  • Commodore 64, 128, Amiga
  • CP/M, Valdocs
  • TRS-80
  • Virtually any type - just ask!
  • Iomega Clik!
  • Bernoulli 10, 20
  • Brother Word Processor
  • Wang, Xerox, CPT, NBI
  • IBM Displaywriter
  • Virtually any 8" Disk
  • Imation LS-120 SuperDisk
  • Ask for more!
  • RetroFloppy - Cloud Backup Meets Old Removable Storage

    What does "Cloud" mean to you? It means your pictures, documents, and files are available no matter what device you're using. Do you have a DropBox or Google Drive? We can upload your old disks, laptops, CDs, you name it - there. That means it'll all be there as you upgrade your devices over the years. We take care of the details for you - just ask for a quote!

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