RetroFloppy is the leader in rescuing files from aging disks and converting files to modern formats.  Serving our clients for more than a decade, we are the authority on media and format conversion.  If you need to bring your old floppy disks, Jaz/Zip drives, laptops, magneto-optical disks, and hard disks into the 21st century, RetroFloppy is here to make you successful. Whether you have a storeroom full of disks to migrate to the cloud, or a couple of disks of pictures from when your kids were little – we transfer your files and convert them to formats you can understand today. Recover your files before it’s too late!

Any Disk – Any Computer

RetroFloppy works with essentially every computer disk there is – no matter what type of computer system it was attached to.   We convert your files and make them accessible to you with your current computer.  Some examples include:

  • Mac, PC, Windows, CP/M floppy disks
  • Mac, PC Hard Drives
  • Apple II, Commodore, Atari computer floppy disks
  • Brother, Smith-Corona, Panasonic word processors
  • IBM Mainframe, IBM and DEC Minicomputer floppy disks
  • Jaz, Zip, Rev, SyQuest, Bernoulli disk cartridges
  • Mavipak, XAP Shot, VF-50, VFD-50 video floppy disks
  • Many more examples are on our Formats page.

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